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Thinking outside the Box

is what we do Best. 


My name is Andy Massari and I’m a traditional artist and digital designer with 20+ years experience in concept illustration, graphic design, creative visual advertising and retail branding. Working with such multiple diverse clients as Office Depot, Tyco International, Minto Communities, and LBTS Chamber of Commerce, my expertise covers a wide range from corporate collateral and advertising to magazine-book design and cartooning. 



But with today’s demanding retail commerce world, this wasn’t enough. I was getting a lot of demand for web design, 3-D illustration and animation, motion graphics, eblast marketing and online SEO and savvy advertising. So I got together a group of the most talented friends I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout the years and created a super design team, to be able to satisfy the most demanding clients and cover your creative design needs.



If you’re looking for a unique creative approach to a new company image or a product brand, this collaboration of seasoned talented designers can successfully exceed your expectations. Mstudio13 is revved up and ready to make your company look like a million bucks. And we will do this, without breaking your bank.

The Client


Smart clients recognize 
talent and value.
They have faith my work will surpass their expectations compared to an over-priced
big agency. 

I admire a client like that.



 I believe creating beautiful "outside-the-standard-box" imagery is just as important as thought provoking content.
Both go hand-in-hand.



Creative Design is not just a profession, it's a Passion.
Talking, eating, breathing creativity is second-nature. When I say, "trust me, I'm a designer"... I mean it.

Call us



The success of your business correlates with how well
I do my job.
The design experience and creative management acumen I bring to an organization reflects your future success.

 Thank you for dropping by my studio.

My name is

Andy Massari

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