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GAI Exhibits needed a mascot for their services, and Xpo was born. Xpo shows off his expertise in the pages of their new site. Below I go from concept sketch to final color illustration of Xpo driving his Monster Logistics Truck.

Creating a Master Canine

Going All Digital on the iPad Pro


1. The first step of course is doing some research and coming up with the final sketch for the perfect truck and happy expression for Xpo.


3. The next step is to ink all the lines, except for the logo in this case. GAI logo has no black outlines, so I can place the logo later once I start coloring. 


2. Using the Sketchbook on the iPad Pro, I can go from sketch to Inks using layers just like in Photophop. Lower the opacity of the pencils and the inking begins.


4. Before coloring, I usually create a mask of the shape of the illustration and have it on its own layer, so it's easy to make a selection while coloring and not go outside the edge of the cartoon.


5. The final stage is making layers for each diferent color parts of the illustration and creating a shadows and highlight layers. And then, I place rendered logo on the grill and side of the truck. And finally add a layer for the background dust, smoke and sky. 

XPO's Monster Truck is
ready for Action.

You can find Xpo's many talents throughout G.A.I. Exhibits website at:

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